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XQuadra Loyalty Systems by All Right Now

XQuadra is a smart card based software platform ideal for managing not only loyalty programmes but also multiservice applications.

XQuadra is a user-friendly, customisable software platform conceived to manage loyalty programs and/or services through a single smart card.

XQuadra is a powerful, all-in-one solution capable to run complex fidelity programs, services, reward schemes, prepaid and gift cards, allowing wider promotional offers and a range of services affordable to any kind of business.

XQuadra diffrentiates from other solutions - usually featuring magnetic stripe or bar-code reading - since it can implement also the Smart Card technology in order to increase security, to allow either on-line and batch operations, and to acquire qualitative information for CRM purposes.

The solution has been developed to support different terminals (POS, Virtual POS, PCSC readers, Rfid readers, etc.) making its implementation in the field more flexible and more suitable to different requirements.



Points, discount and reward schemes. All the typical functions of a fidelity card can be managed by XQ, either a single Point-of-Sale or more complex business model (co-branded, multiple Point-of-Sales + multiple companies)

Prepaid & Gift Card:

Thanks to XQ, the same smart card can also work as a rechargeable, payment card to replace cash in a closed system such as a golf club bar or pro shop, or as a Gift Card in a Spa etc..

Services & Products:

XQ can manage a product and/or services catalogue

Access Control & Ticketing:

The platform can be configured for access control applications, including management of payment of an access fee. Thanks to XQ’s management reporting system, it’s possible to profile each single user i.e. Events, Wellness Centers, Parking Hotel, …

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